4. Throw Your Guy Friends in His Face

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Hard truth about men, ladies, is that the other views males have of you highly affect their opinion of you.

The cycle of life with boys is that if one man finds a female attractive and tells another man, it creates an approval.

The next thing you know the whole group of guys are talking about you.3

We all know men's basic instinct is competition, so when two or more are on the same page with a girl, the automatic "who will win" factor kicks in.

When you first read this way to react when he doesn't like you, the assumption is to make your crush jealous.2

But really it is for him to see you are wanted and approved by other men.

Even if your crush doesn't know it, his natural caveman instincts react.

Make Yourself Feel Good


Marina Lestraude
His loss. It helps to act like nothing happened and, if you're daring, try to continue being friends. I did that recently and we're still best friends. Plus, I don't feel romantic because I won't let myself feel that way.
If he just talks about his sex life and wants you to have sex with him he is disgusting. All he seems to care about is taking away that one thing you can only give once, your virginity. If he's sleeping with a girl but says its nothing he is a womanizer and a player. How many of these girls has he had? Do you really want to risk heartbreak with him?
Heather Jensen
That is so true! Thanks for the comment Chloe! :)
Ally Lara
@Adriana fair enough but once he's rejected you... Move on sister!!!
So i like this guy and when ever he's in town we always hangout and have fun and he knows I'm a vergin and want to have sex but i tell him i cant and he's says he's willing to Wight but every time he leaves we never talk and he tells me everything like his sex life when he leaves and haw he sleep with this girl but told me its nothing series and that he's not into her does he like me or not!? I'm tiered of the mixed emotions pleas tell me what you think?
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