5. Make Yourself Feel Good

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Girls, of course no one likes to feel rejected. Our first thought is to jump to "I am not enough." Instead of putting all your attention into feeling sorry for yourself and changing who you are to be liked, focus on enjoying your womanhood. If a guy doesn't like you it usually has to do with his own stuff, unless you are "that crazy girl" I mention often in my articles. Go for a massage, a manicure/pedicure, even a nice hike for some fresh air. If you feel like crying, throw on A Walk To Remember and grab a bowl a popcorn. Anything to take your mind off that boy, and put it onto yourself in a positive light.

Stop Trying and Accept It


Thank you so much for this article. It made me feel so much better i cried my eyes out ween i found out he had a girlfriend and he just wasn't into me. Worst thing is we work at the same place but tha...
This girl 23 i like and after knowing her for a few months through my friends...1couple and both of us went on holidays and after coming back...i confessed to her...but she said she wasnt interested.....
That's good advice it helped but the guy I liked is going out with someone and its hard to get over him can you help me x
That's helpful advice but can you please help me cause the guy I've like for a year now is going out with someone and they have been for about the same length I've liked him what should I do cause I can't get over him. Please help xx
So needed this today what great advice 😎
Heather Jensen
Aww! I'm so glad that it helped you!
Needed this post. Was feeling a bit down but this made me feel more controlled ☺
@Jaime Enea, Well, I took it as hanging out with them and show the other guy that you are not so desperate ;) even if is the other way around.
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