10 Ways to Read Your Boyfriend's Body Language ...


If you are confused on where your relationship is heading, these 10 ways to read your boyfriend's body language will help clear that all up.

All relationships go through phases where one person is more into the other.

If you are feeling insecure in where you stand, but aren't ready to talk about it yet, these 10 ways to read your boyfriend's body language can help give you some clarity.

Remember to use these yourself for when your man is in the same boat!

1. You Guys Walk in Sync Together

This body language is a sign of harmony between you both.2

Besides being lovers, it shows you both are good friends.

When you walk together, it shows you guys are a united duo who possess real trust.

He Pinches or Slaps Your Butt


I just miss my husband so much...when i read this article...i...he was all that i had in my mind...bfore we were married...it used to be all like this...i love him so much n he loves me too😍...but rite after we gt married he had to go out of country n its been more than a year...since i saw him...we see in skype...but i miss all those gud times...i miss my love...i wish he cud cme bak soon...😢
Thanks soooo much guys like hearing advice from people who care helps so much you have no idea, it's been one of the hardest periods of my life and it's only been a week but all I can do now is stay positive as best as I can and hope for the best! Much love
Been** 😅
Being dating this archeologist for a week now and I wasn't sure about his feelings until I read this! He didn't ask me directly if I want to be his gf but he's being really affectionate and he shows me off in front of his friends and family. Whenever he receives or makes a call, he would tell the other person that he's with me or not.. Do you think that he's serious?
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