2. Plan a Trip

Plan a Trip

A great way to reconnect with your significant other is to take a trip.

You can arrange to go someplace you've always wanted to go for a long time, or you can just plan a simple weekend getaway at a bed-and-breakfast in a nearby town.2

The point is to spend uninterrupted time together.



My guy moved really fast but we fell deeply in love; things were great until we moved from LA to AZ. Just couldn't afford the lifestyle anymore. We hermit now because it's soooo hot out! This apartment is depressing and I'm dragging down...other than great sex I'm feeling really stagnant. Past few days I even feel annoyed with him and even sort of flat emotionally which is scaring me. I don't know what to do! And we are flat broke, won't even have a car in a couple of days. I don't know what to do :'(
Lol I totally agree with "Miro" if u don't take the time to work on ur relationship the grass will alway look greener on the other side ...great tips😋
Makes me wanna cry how much relationships become more work than fun overtime! Lol but we can't live without love, right? And if we want something of substance it's gona have to get serious sometime...then come all these great tips :)...they r useful! I've been in a relationship for a long time. Take care of ur grass so the other doesn't look greener! ;)
Perfect Paradigm
Call it quits?
Perfect Paradigm
And if we've done this all?!
Betty Lodge Sanborn
Showing and tell your SO that you appreciate them is a big one too! Love the article, it's something everyone should work on
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