9 Ways to Regain Your Confidence after a Bad Breakup ...


If you’re recently had a bad breakup, I want to first offer my sincerest empathy, and also give you some ways to regain your confidence in the midst of healing. After suffering two major breakups myself, I know how hard it can be and how much it can change you and your life. I’ve learned so much through this type of struggle, and I promise you, you can not only become braver and stronger afterwards, but also learn to love things about yourself you never knew before. Try implementing these incredible ways to regain your confidence after a breakup. They aren’t always easy to incorporate into your life at first, but they are worth it and can make all the difference.

1. Don’t Take All the Blame

First and foremost, one best ways to regain your confidence after a breakup is to stop blaming yourself! Even if you messed up and caused the breakup, two people were still involved. If the breakup truly is permanent, blaming yourself won’t help as much as focusing on what you can learn from the breakup in the meantime. Plus, if the breakup wasn’t your fault, blaming yourself can lead to such an inner emotional mess that takes years to repair. Know that you’re enough just as you are and someone out there who is right for you is waiting to discover you! Confidence starts with your attitude, not what others think of you.

Don’t Compare


Emily Roy
Disagree with changing hair! If you have the right hairdresser and you really think it through. It was the best decision I made I was more confident and loved my new look! Have yet to jump into dating tho :/
Wow...thnk u!!
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Needed this. Thank you,
I needed this too! X
Recently broke up with my boyfriend needed this thank you so much 💜
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