8. Exercise

Exercising is another fantastic, healthy way to boost your confidence after a breakup.

Not only does it give you an endorphin boost, but it also strengthens your mind and body to help you see just how amazing you are.

Often times while you’re exercising, you realize you’re stronger than you know and realize just how awesome you and your body truly are.

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I need help. I have a friend that's just got into a relationship. The guy just got out of a relationship and still thinking about the ex with the girl he is with now. Should she not be with him and let him have some space? What's weird because he likes both girls...
Me & my ex has been breakup after 10 years an he kept sending me sarcastic message
Beautiful!! Thanks for this! ❤️
We broke up almost a year ago.. It took a lot of counseling to get out of it.. But the most important thing is not to alienate yourself.. I did that.. It really sucks.. I think a good thing to do is be around some really close friends and have a lot of fun..
Karlie Ann Carter
My boyfriend and I broke up recently and so far the best thing I've done is exercising more often. Every Sunday I go to the same greenway and run/walk. I absolutely love it. It really is a good way to think and relieve stress. Running Sundays rids the stress from the week before, and also gives me strength for the upcoming week. I also started spin classes. Keeps my mind busy.
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