8 Ways to Rekindle an Old Flame ...


Have you been dying to find out all of the ways to rekindle an old flame?

Have you been trying to find the right ways to rekindle an old flame but none of your attempts have worked?

There are some things that you've got to take into account when you are exploring another relationship with an ex.

There are feelings to consider and you have to wonder, is it worth it?

If you feel it is, take a look below!

1. Make Sure You Are Ready to Recreate a Relationship

If you're really looking for ways to rekindle an old flame, you've got ask yourself if you are ready to recreate that relationship.

Are you ready to pursue something that you might have let go years ago?

Do you think that he's ready?

These are all questions that you've got to ask yourself before you instantly start to rekindle some of those feelings.

Is He Dating Someone?


chadlee doran
ok my ex and i split late august, we connnected in every possible way, but things went sour, due to my own actions, i didnt cheat or anything like that she we split up and she got back with her ex who she was convinced was a different man, he wasnt and know she is single again and i spoke to her for the first time in nearly half a year yesterday. I would do everything right if we was to have another chance, i miss her and her beuatiful daughter :( feels strange loving a child that isnt my own, but i still often cry over losing her. is it possible to win her back ? i know her fav flowers are gearbers or something like that, do i order them for easter with "ill write your name across the skies" on a card.... a lyric we related to and i was silly singing it once? HELP :S oh im male btw lol
Sheila Azhar
Okay, I dated this guy for 6 months and we both really liked each other. I just broke up with my long term ex-bf and he's in the Navy. We broke up after one drunk night. Since then we had some time apart to do our own things. One day I decided to message him to ask him how he was and to my surprise he replied. We had a few exchange of text messages since but nothing much and we haven't seen each other. Recently he told me he just moved to a new town and asked me if I'd like to visit him. Initially I hesitated about it but after a few times, I thought he was genuine and he said he would like to see me. So one day I flew there, he messaged me saying he was apprehensive about me staying with him and his work and study etc. I thought maybe he was anxious about it and said don't worry, we will be just fine :) So I flew there - took 3.5 hours flight and it wasn't a good timing. He was really apprehensive and stressed out about work and his study. He spent one night together (no sex) but we held each other. The following night after he went to the gym, he told me he feels like he needs his space and that I had to leave asap. He told me he did like me but he is going to be this way for a long time and that I should date other people. I was so upset that night but in the end, it didn't work out for me. Next day. I told him that I was okay and hope that he feel better. I didn't regret any time I spent with him eventhough all my friends called him a douchebag. I don't resent him in anyway. Anyway I had read your article and It's a great advise. Unfortunately it doesn't work for me this time. But thanks and good luck to all :)
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