7 Ways to Resist the Urge to Call an Ex ...


It's hard to find successful ways to resist the urge to call an ex not because there aren't plenty of choices but because they can be so hard to follow, especially if you've really been thinking about your ex. When the breakup is still fresh, it's even more tempting to get in touch with your former boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse, but it's best if you don't. Maybe everything still hurts too much, maybe you're still too vulnerable, maybe you've got one of those relationships that involve making up and breaking up over and over. There are dozens of reason to say no to temptation, so here are some of the most foolproof ways to resist the urge to call an ex.

1. Don't Make It Easy for Yourself

You might not like to hear it, but one of the easiest ways to resist the urge to call an ex is to erase his or her contact information from your phone (and your tablet; ditto your iPod; yep, your messenger too). If that number isn't readily available, you're less likely to call. If you have to work to find it, you might have just enough time to reconsider. And don't automatically think this won't work – when was the last time you physically dialed a number you frequently call? I've been with Heather for seven years and sometimes I have to stop and really think about what her number is.

Stop Being a Creeper (Eventually)


I have waves of being okay one day then the next thinking of him. I'll continue on, moving on.. It's best to move on at this point. I'll just keep busy with classes and work. This is going to take awhile getting over him.
My ex bf broke up with me on valentines day. I called my ex after 2 and a half weeks of our break up just to "see how he was doing." And it was the most awkwardest thing ever. I ended the call by sayi...
@sara wow 3 years?? Omg i hope mine doesnt last longer than 3 yrs because i really find it hard to move on :(
Denise Cristobal
Good job, Shirley! Keep yourself busy and focus on your life. Stay strong!
Shirley Alicia Denise Reeve
I'm in this situation today, broke up 2 weeks ago was texting him twice a day with no response today I woke up decided to do some painting and make a list of things I want to do I deleted his number o...
Aaaww !that feeling when u just cant resist it , but this r helpful tips
Broke up with my bf 2 days ago after a 3 year relationship. Thanks for the tips. Helped me put myself together!
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