2. Compliments

Ego boosts are something every male loves and enjoys getting from women.

Whether they exuberant a great deal of confidence or come off completely unaware of their beauty, all men are self conscious in some way.

As women, we hold the power in making guys feel good about themselves.

To show a guy you are interested throw out cute and sincere comments about the shirt he's wearing, those beautiful eyes he's looking at you with, or the fact that you find his tenacity so inspiring.

Don't go overboard with making sure his head blows up, but do give him a few compliments to show that like him.

Body Language


@Elena Salazar, I just got four words for you..... I GOT NO IDEA
@Payton, hey payton I really think you get to know him first coz my crush I know him for like since 8 were very close so I think just hang out first ask him to the park with friends so it wouldn't seem weird speaking from experience and also be your self like me am fun clumsy laid back and funny I know its seems like am complimenting my self am not.....this is a really long reply but you get the whole thing just get to know him ;)
@kennedy, hi kennedy I know boys are stress but I think you should meet this guy and ask why he sent you that sorry am only 13 so I don't really know much :)
Hey there's this really cute boy I like in my class his funny interesting and always asks me stuff even when he knows am not the smartest his name is David his some months older than me . one day one of his friends told me he likes me I was totally freaking out for joy and shock, I asked Adam ( David's friend ) to say the truth guess what he said nah just kidding my hopes ended there but I still really like him how can I tell him!!!! PLZZZ ANSWER THIS PLZZZ
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