3. Body Language

There are three distinct tactics when it comes to putting body language and your feelings towards the man you like.

First is the sweet arm grace.

Gently glide your hand along his arm to connect with him when he makes a joke or says something sweet.

Second is touching his leg.

This is more of a sexual connection since it's located closer to his sexual organs.

When you are having a deep conversation with your man, place your hand on his knee and look into his eyes.

It will show him that you are listening intently and understand where he is coming from.

It's also a way to use a sexual hand gesture in a non sexual moment, which creates more of an intrigue than you just wanting to jump his bones.

And third, touch your own lips.

This is your money spot.

Do anything from licking your lips, sipping on a straw, or just having that Victoria's Secret pout.

All his focus will be on your lips as you give him that sign saying, "Kiss me already!".

Secure Him


Elena Salazar
I really like this guy at my school a lot and about a year ago or so he used to like me. I use to think he was cute but I never really thought of him as a boyfriend well sorta but also at the same time I sorta kinda had a boyfriend. What should I do I like him a lot did I lose my chance or do I still might have a chance.
Allison Wagner
I really like this guy and I have liked him for about three years now. I caught him looking at me loads of times during class, and when I looked at him, he would just hurriedly look away. I used to chat on facebook for three hours late at night, and while chatting, he kept on trying to relate me to, and he cared about me in lots of different way such as telling me to sleep when I got a nose bleed, and telling me he preferred girls like me, rather than popular girls.... He always tried to talk to me during class, face to face, and on facebook, I was the one who started the conversation. But after a while, he started chatting to me first. I was so happy. I am pretty sure he told his friends about me because one day, one of his friends saw me, and he was like \"oh Allison, there goes your crush. Aren\'t you going to look at him?\" He said it in front of everyone so they all looked my way. The very same day, my crush deleted me on fcaebook. I was heartbroken, because i thought we really had something going on between us. but the fact that he deleted me on facebook so easily, with any second thoughts just broke me. but after that, his friends started to tease me and him continuously at school, and they kept on telling me that he liked me... After he deleted me on facebook, he started to look at me, and he tried to talk to me in class, but I was really cold to me. So I was feeling really depressed because I got rejected before I started anything... but my friend told me that she was in class the other day, and my crush and his friends were sitting close to her, and she told me that she heard them talking about me, and when my crush\'s friend asked my crush whether he likes me or not. My crush stayed silent with a face that said something like \"can we plz not talk about this here?\" look. Also, he needs to wear glasses, but he doesn\'t when he has class with me, and he takes them off when he sees me coming. But I really dont know if he likes me or not. And I really want to ask whether he likes me or not because my friends keep on telling me that they think it wasn\'t my crush who deleted me on facebook... they say it might be his freinds who hacked into his account and deleted me on facebook. I don\'t know what happened, and he keeps on coming near me as much as he can, but I don\'t know what he is thinking because I dont want to get hurt again.. Does he like me or not? I really don\'t know. PLZ help me.
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