3. Body Language

There are three distinct tactics when it comes to putting body language and your feelings towards the man you like. First is the sweet arm grace. Gently glide your hand along his arm to connect with him when he makes a joke or says something sweet. Second is touching his leg. This is more of a sexual connection since it's located closer to his sexual organs.

When you are having a deep conversation with your man, place your hand on his knee and look into his eyes. It will show him that you are listening intently and understand where he is coming from. It's also a way to use a sexual hand gesture in a non sexual moment, which creates more of an intrigue than you just wanting to jump his bones. And third, touch your own lips. This is your money spot. Do anything from licking your lips, sipping on a straw, or just having that Victoria's Secret pout. All his focus will be on your lips as you give him that sign saying, "Kiss me already!".

Secure Him


Heather Jensen
Hey Angelina! Thanks for the comment! :) Have you tried to talk to him in person? Maybe try to get him alone and just get to know him?
Heather Jensen
Hey Still! Have you tried to become a member of his circle of friends? Maybe accidently bumping into him in the hallways? That might be a great chance for you two to talk!
Still confused.
So what if you know nothing about this guy Hes just in your class and he's very attractive. How do you aproch him then . I already complimented him what next?
Thank you for this great article and I dune most of this with the guy that I like . Now he knows I already like him & i feel he dose too but the problem that he never replay to my text infect he t...
Heather Jensen
Thank you Shleby! We appreciate your comments! :)
best article so far. Omg I love it. It gave me such great advice!
Heather Jensen
That's awesome JustSomeone!! I'm so glad you two are together!
I've done all of these! It's going really well! My favorite one is when you remember what he says! Whenever I finish his sentences because I remember he smiles at me and slightly blushes and says "oh! You remembered! I told you that three months ago!" it's cute.
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