6. Get a Little Jealous

This technique to show a guy you like him was told to me by more then one guy. I'm not saying come off as cold and mean because your date is checking out another girl or runs into someone they know. But, a guy likes to know it may bother you a bit that he's checking someone out. He'd feel a little insecure too if you were checking out another guy. Coming off a little bit as a green eyed monster is a way to show a guy you like him. Think of it this way, if a guy didn't get a bit jealous when another guy hits on you, your thought process would be that maybe he doesn't care because he isn't into you. Same goes for a guy. Here's a hint, even if you are a secure girl who doesn't get jealous, which is great, why not fake it a little! It may just turn your guy on and the after date could turn into a much more pleasurable night for the both of you!

Surprising Him at Work


Heather Jensen
It sounds a bit like he does, but I'd say that you need to talk to him more! That's the only way to know for sure if he likes you!
Heather Jensen
Hi Hannah! It sounds a bit like he is flirting with you and that he does like you, but he doesn't know how to really show it. Have you tried to really talk to him? Maybe see if you can flirt back? That might be a good option!
Sam R
@kelley, kelley, so from the information that ive gathered from this site, i think it would be helpful to ALWAYS SAY CHEESE while sitting on a dresser. Also, make an excuse to touch him...if ya know what i mean ;)
There is this guy at school who I am really starting to like and he has told me that he likes me back.. When we are around his friends he forgets about me but when it is just him and I he is a totally...
Heather Jensen
Hi Kelley! I'd say that you do need to flirt with him a little, let him know that you are interested. Start with eye contact, smiling and then finding a common ground when you do approach him!
Hannah Dyer
Theres this guy that i go to school with, and he always takes my hats and runs away with them when i try to get it back, and he is always hanging out with other guys, so i dont try to talk to him a lo...
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