8. Sweet Messages

Any of my friends will tell you that I have the hardest time sending a girlie, cutesy message to a guy.3

But they really do like to receive them and this is a sure fire way to show a guy you like him.

Keep in mind that you don't want to send him xoxo's and emoticons galore, but a simple picture about something that came up in a conversation you recently had is nice.2

Or send him a sweet, "You were on my mind and I just wanted to let you know".

If you had a joke between the two of you and something reminded you of it, why not throw that out there as well.

But don't be too random with the guy, remember to keep it in the context of something he can connect to.

Ask Him out


Alexus Schober
I have 2 boys i really like but i cant choose somene help plsssssssss
I have 2 really cute boys im my classes and idk which one to pick could you help me plz:3...
Farah Salameh
@kennedy, follow your heart!!
okay so i use to go out with a guy named allen and after a month he broke up with me but i still love him wat should i do?!.
@megan, Megan am gonna give it to ya straight that's HARDCORE SHIT! one question does he ever hold a gaze or stare at you if yes then his falling hard and fast for you
@Bea Lin, ohh my dear Bea Lin no one can stop falling in love like for me am an hopeless romantic and a flirt I fall for guys easily and am falling for this guy right now for like 5 yrs now I know family friend crush
@Elena Salazar, I just got four words for you..... I GOT NO IDEA
@Payton, hey payton I really think you get to know him first coz my crush I know him for like since 8 were very close so I think just hang out first ask him to the park with friends so it wouldn't seem weird speaking from experience and also be your self like me am fun clumsy laid back and funny I know its seems like am complimenting my self am not.....this is a really long reply but you get the whole thing just get to know him ;)
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