8. Sweet Messages

Any of my friends will tell you that I have the hardest time sending a girlie, cutesy message to a guy. But they really do like to receive them and this is a sure fire way to show a guy you like him.

Keep in mind that you don't want to send him xoxo's and emoticons galore, but a simple picture about something that came up in a conversation you recently had is nice. Or send him a sweet, "You were on my mind and I just wanted to let you know". If you had a joke between the two of you and something reminded you of it, why not throw that out there as well. But don't be too random with the guy, remember to keep it in the context of something he can connect to.

Ask Him out


Raghda Abdulwahab
There is a boy that I like but I don't know if he likes me we have alot if things in common but I don't really know if he likes me or not
@Claire, hey swthrt dnt worry i guess ur having a crush n he to likes u but may be he fears to approach you, n dnt start e first move so that he will keep liking u
@Shelby Brackhan, such boys are just not into girls but are after using them...so dnt wait coz he will just break your precious heart..
@ kayla, just get a dude and n kiss him when he is with his friends to show him that he a'nt the only one who likes u...then wait 4 what nxt..xoxo!......... stella.
Taylor Chapman
@palesa mimi, Like Heather Said. Tell Your Boyfriend Talk To Him. My Friend Did The Exact Thing Like You Are.. She Fell For Another Guy. And Broke Up With Her Boyfriend When the Other Boy Didnt Even ...
Heather Jensen
Hi Megan! I think that if you have a boyfriend, you might want to talk to your boyfriend about how you are feeling. Why do you think you might like another guy?
palesa mimi
well i just break up with my ex boyfrend,after 3 weeks meat this dude who makes me lose control well iam so in to him i every time tell him that i want this relationship work for us m so in to him it ...
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