9. Ask Him out

Don't be afraid to make a move and ask a guy out. Guys are so simple and most of the time they can never make up their minds on what to do on a date. It's such an attractive quality when you can ask a guy out and give him options on things to do. Putting yourself out there can be scary, but if you aren't sure if he's into you this is the way to find out.

You're putting it out there on the table and he's either gonna take it or leave it. If he takes it you are automatically showing a guy you like him because you want to see him. If he has an idea on something to do, great let him do it, otherwise have a back up and go have fun! You can always ask a guy to hang out more then once, but not too often, remember to give him his space. If you aren't hearing from him in the mean time it may be a sign to move on. Don't do all the work, you deserve more!

Remember Things He Tells You


@Shelby Brackhan, such boys are just not into girls but are after using them...so dnt wait coz he will just break your precious heart..
@ kayla, just get a dude and n kiss him when he is with his friends to show him that he a'nt the only one who likes u...then wait 4 what nxt..xoxo!......... stella.
Taylor Chapman
@palesa mimi, Like Heather Said. Tell Your Boyfriend Talk To Him. My Friend Did The Exact Thing Like You Are.. She Fell For Another Guy. And Broke Up With Her Boyfriend When the Other Boy Didnt Even ...
Heather Jensen
Hi Megan! I think that if you have a boyfriend, you might want to talk to your boyfriend about how you are feeling. Why do you think you might like another guy?
palesa mimi
well i just break up with my ex boyfrend,after 3 weeks meat this dude who makes me lose control well iam so in to him i every time tell him that i want this relationship work for us m so in to him it ...
i have a bf..but have feeling for another guy..the other guy acts like he likes me but told me he didnt
Heather Jensen
Agreed, I do that to my girlfriend all of the time. Keeping a journal and writing down hot buttons helps!
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