9. Ask Him out

Don't be afraid to make a move and ask a guy out.

Guys are so simple and most of the time they can never make up their minds on what to do on a date.

It's such an attractive quality when you can ask a guy out and give him options on things to do.2

Putting yourself out there can be scary, but if you aren't sure if he's into you this is the way to find out.

You're putting it out there on the table and he's either gonna take it or leave it.

If he takes it you are automatically showing a guy you like him because you want to see him.2

If he has an idea on something to do, great let him do it, otherwise have a back up and go have fun!

You can always ask a guy to hang out more then once, but not too often, remember to give him his space.

If you aren't hearing from him in the mean time it may be a sign to move on.

Don't do all the work, you deserve more!

Remember Things He Tells You


Heather Jensen
Hi Mary! I think that he does! I'd say that you should flirt with him a little bit more and see how he responds. :)
I used to fancy him about two years ago. I met him last summer and he threw me a few flirty glances, but I was in a relationship and wasn't into it. Now I'm single. I've worked with him twice this month (we work in a store to earn some extra while studying). First time we worked he did not seem interested but asked me about my hobbies. I began to act cold, and started to arrange the clothes in the store and he called me to check some funny stuff he found on the internet and tried to make me laugh. I also bragged him about some book he brought to read, and he told me he's not much of a reader. Second time we worked together, I was really sleepy. He was late on work and I had some paperwork to do. When he finally arrived, he didn't say hello to me. I sensed something and looked up from the paperwork, and there he was, walking past me and smiling, looking straight at me. Later he told me everything about last night, what he ate, what it was like, how his back hurts because he slept on a sofa. I told him I was sleepy and where I went last night. Later on, I was serving customers and he was watching some sports competition on the internet. When the costumers left, I went to read some magazine and he kept staring at the computer. When I stretched my arms, he stretched his too, and I noticed him brushing the crumbs of his lunch off his pants. He constantly glanced at me, and whenever I glanced back, he acted like the article he was reading on the internet is the most interesting thing in the world. I then stroked my hair to the side and gently touched my neck, while reading the magazine, and he stared at me but didn't know I noticed him. When I went home I said goodbye, and he still had his eyes fixed on the computer, murmuring bye. I really like him but I'm very shy. Should I do something?
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