2. Random Surprises

You will learn a lot about a person when you really listen to what they say, even in casual conversation.

I remember once at a supermarket I casually mentioned to a friend what my favourite childhood cereal was.

Ever since then, whenever I am upset, she brings me a box or two.2

It’s small surprises like this that lets someone know you love them.

When they say, "OMG!

You remembered!" that’s when you know you did it right!2

That’s when you are letting them know even the slightest detail about them is worth remembering.



Good one
I love this article..!!! Those three magical words would be more miraculous if added by these few gestures.. 😊
This is a well thought out and concise entry. I enjoyed the whole piece. Good work!
Love this ❤️
Beautiful, just beautiful. I love this ;)
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