15 Ways to Show Your Significant Other You Care ...


There are many ways to show your significant other you care.

Part of being in a relationship is to take in the other person's feelings and consider them in your thoughts.

Whether you are just starting to date someone or been in a relationship for a while it is always important to do little things to show them some appreciation.

I am always the girl who thinks I am going to scare the guy away by doing any little thing, but what I have learned is boys actually like to see you care.2

So if you are ever in doubt if it is going to creep the other person out or actually make them feel special ask yourself, "how would I feel if they did this for me?".

Here are 8 ways to show your significant other you care.

1. Gifts

One of the best ways to show your significant other you care in a relationship is by getting them a gift.

It's not about how extravagant or big it is, but by how personal you make it.

I once filled a huge bag with different types of candy and put it in his car as a surprise just to show I care.

Most of us know boys are not mind readers.

Sometimes you need to let your man know you like flowers or chocolates or something simple like a note.

Gifts show you have someone on your mind and care enough about them to make sure they are recognized.

2. PDA

The thing about PDA is that not everyone likes it.

Every one has their own comfort level when it comes to showing off their relationship in public.2

Sometimes its nice to be thrown against a wall and just have an amazing make out session.

That heat and passion shows all you care about is having the other person right then and there.

For couples who are more quiet on the affection front, sometimes a simple hand holding or kiss can have the same meaning.

Stepping out of your comfort zone for another shows you care.

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