2. PDA

The thing about PDA is that not everyone likes it. Every one has their own comfort level when it comes to showing off their relationship in public. Sometimes its nice to be thrown against a wall and just have an amazing make out session. That heat and passion shows all you care about is having the other person right then and there. For couples who are more quiet on the affection front, sometimes a simple hand holding or kiss can have the same meaning. Stepping out of your comfort zone for another shows you care.



Lilly Self
@kiley You should do a article about how to get another girl if your a girl:)
Kiley Coleman
@Lauren absolutely girl. Check out my other articles to maybe see how to snatch that guy away from her ;)
I dont know the rest but that pic is damn hot 😝
Hey I have a friend who, I swear it's like she has a 6th sense, always detects when I have a crush on someone and starts to flirt with them. And she always gets their attention and i feel like it's be...
Isabella Gingo
This made me text one of my crushes and know that its fine to text the guy first and show him I care (: thank you ! :)
Hah. A friend recently broke up and unknowingly made fun of something he held at heart- shitty night.
Nice and insightful
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