9 Ways to Stay Connected in a Long Distance Relationship ...


When you are trying to find ways to stay connected in a long distance relationship it can be difficult, especially since a lot of the standard ways can get a little stale. If you've been in a LDR and are looking for ways to stay connected, I've hopefully got a few fresh ideas for you! Remember, a long distance relationship is all about commitment and you have to be ready to make that commitment and stick to it, if you are going to be in one.

1. Skype

I think that since Skype has come into the world, it is one of the best ways to stay connected in a long distance relationship. Not only does it let you see your boyfriend, but it really lets you two explore one another and really see expressions and moods, especially if you are hours and hours away. My girlfriend and I, before we moved in together did not Skype, but had it been around when we were in a LDR, we would have!



Roshan D
I'm in a LDR too. My boyfriend lives in the Philippines, and I, here in Canada. (We're in a LDR for almost 2 years now. broke up 2 times) I always complain about how busy he is, he's just too busy tha...
posted that*
@Amanda de Bernardino, i am so glad you posted it! My bf goes to school in the US but in the summers he goes back home to Chile. i love him and its amazing to see your success story!!
Heather Jensen
Hi Christa! I'd definitely see if you can get him to visit you! :) That way you can actually be together a little bit.
Christa Sankar
Thank you so much for responding to me! I'm not able to visit him because of my parents. He can visit me though. We are both of age and none of this would be improper. We don't Skype. I can't talk to ...
Heather Jensen
Hi Christa! A lot of the time, a guy will tell a girl that he isn't good for them because he feels insecure. If you love him, I'd definitely just reassure him that he is good enough for you, that he...
Christa Sankar
Hello. Im in a long distance relationship. He's in Utah and I'm in new York. We've been talking for 6 months and counting. He's going to join the navy in less than 9 months. I love him. I truly do. He...
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