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There are a lot of ways to stop fighting in a relationship, but do you always want to follow them? Constant fighting in a relationship isn't healthy, but sometimes it happens. If you're finding yourself constantly fighting with your boyfriend or girlfriend, you've got to take a look at my ways to stop fighting in a relationship so you can really get back to enjoying each other! Remember, fights are typically caused by misunderstandings and underlying issues!

1. Don't Bring up the past

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This is a huge step that I need to learn. I would say, one of the key ways to stop fighting in a relationship is to stop bringing up the past. The past is the past and the more that you bring it up, the worse the fight can actually be. Bringing up the past can also bring up a lot of old emotions, which is never good.

Don't Leave Things Unresolved


Elke Klugkist
My personal opinion is two-fold. On the one hand I feel women jump into relationships too quickly. I won't agree to a committed relationship till a minimum of 6months dating someone. But six months is really when peoples' true characters start to come out.
@C, honestly i have been going thro the same thing as you with my boyfriend n i noticed what really helped is just making time for you guys to just talk about it, to really express how you feel n that...
me and my spouse fight a lot , and for reasons i don't even know sometimes , we had the conversation about why do we do this a lot and we don't even know sometimes... ugh we have a very stressful lif...
My boyfriend its very jealous about facebook and instagram? Should I just Delete the accounts he doesn't have any social networks but I do?
Me na dmy boyfriend fight almost everyday. at the beginning of our relationship we were so happy idk what happened. he makes me so happy and he said if this fighting doesn't stop it can end up by us b...
Boogie G Etienne
@balo, try finding out why he might be hot tempered. maybe its something that was done to him as a child or because of something that was done in his last relationship or it could be both. Then you ta...
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