7 Ways to Switch off Your Feelings ...


Learning all of the different ways on how to switch off your feelings is never, ever easy, but sometimes girls, it's necessary. How to switch off your feelings isn't something that you need to do all of the time, but when you are at work or even when you're trying to get over an ex, it's necessary. If you haven't mastered how to switch off your feelings, don't worry girls, I've got your back and I'll teach you some of the top ways to switch off your feelings so that you don't get hurt.

1. Develop a Thick Skin

The very first tip on how to switch off your feelings all revolve around developing a thick skin. I had to do this when I first started working and honestly, it's helped in every facet of my life. If you're in a relationship, you can't take every single thing personal, so developing a thicker skin can help you not fight with your boyfriend as much and really make it so that you aren't so sensitive.

Don't Let Him Hurt You


Heather Jensen
Aww Cindy, I'm so sorry. I know it's so hard to turn your feelings off -- and then to flip them back on. Definitely keep the faith!
Cindy Pham
I try but I was not concerntrate, so when I had a moment alone, my emotion turn back on, made me so sick. It was so hard to turn of your emtional when u don't distance yoursefl. I know the fact that...
Heather Jensen
Very true! I have a hard time with getting my feelings back when I turn them off.
Yuki Sheehan
Be careful. Excessive emotional detachment can cause trouble.
Patrice Edwards Bellamy
Great advice! I needed that right now! Everything heals with time right!
Dawn Brady Connor
Great advice!!
Amber Tester
Just mentioned the post on Twitter
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