8 Ways to Tell He is Interested ...


Are you trying to figure out all of the signs he is interested in you? Are you still not sure if your crush really likes you? Don't worry girls, I've got all of the top signs he is interested in you! That way you'll be able to tell if the guy you like is interested or if you should move on. So girls, you ready to explore the top signs he is interested in you?

1. He Rambles

The first sign he is interested in you is all about the rambling. When you are close, does he constantly ramble when he's around you. The reason why he rambles is because he's super nervous to be around you! For me, rambling is so, so cute.

He Tries to Relate to You


Heather Jensen
Hey Hannah! That's okay that he's in another state and of another religion! You don't have to be the same of everything and long distance relationships can work! I'd say that you should talk to him and reassure him that nothing is going to happen to your friendship. :)
Hannah Umphers
Hi! I just love your posts! I met this guy at SpaceCamp and he lives in a different state and is a different religion, but we REALLY connected! I text him a lot and I don't know if he likes me or not....
Lyndsie Robinson
Hi Paige! Don't worry about texting first -- guys are like that sometimes. Does he seem to enjoy texting you back? If so, I'd just straight up talk to him in school; stop him and tell him, even, th...
i met this boy at camping and we text all the time, i always have to text him first though:[ anyway when i see him at school we kind of blank each other:/ how do i get him to like me and want to go somewhere together please help!
Heather Jensen
Aww! Thank you so much Elle!! :) Thanks for reading!
Just wanted to say that Heather, I LOVE YOUR POSTS!! So helpful to me, a teenage girl whose crushing (:
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