15 Ways to Tell if a Guy is Flirting with You ...


We get a lot of comments on ways to tell if a guy is flirting with you and what signs to spot.

Well, I've decided to compile all of the answers right here!

These are my top 15 ways to tell if a guy is flirting with you and what signs you really need to be on the lookout for!

After all, if he is flirting with you, that could mean that he likes you, right?

1. He Confides in You

He Confides in You

One of the surefire ways to tell if a guy is flirting with you is that he constantly confides in you.

You are the person that he is always going to.

You are the person that he tells all of his secrets to.2

That's one definite sign that he not only likes you, but he is flirting with you!2

Leaves Dangling Messages


Omg I didn't know that this was flirting well now that I read this well there is this boy that always hugs me when he sees me and my friends say that when I'm not looking he is always looking at me and smiling at me when I'm not looking and that he talks about me :)
@Nicole but I think once you are a little older he will notice you more :)
@Nicole if a guy likes you, they for sure will text you right away and make it known, unless he is shy he might have just been right when he said he doesn't like anyone, so I would play it cool and not txt all the time, so you are worth the chase
HELP. I've been talking to this guy named Tim.. He's a couple years older than me and I really like him.. He goes to my youth group, he plays guitar, he sings, he has an extremely nice body and I feel like he's totally out of my league 😔 I'm usually the one to txt him first but every time he sees me in school there's not a time where he won't shout my name and say hi. Which I always get the hopeless butterflies.. At lunch he'll usually stop and sit on the outside bench and sit where me and my friend do and I've noted that his body is completely turned towards me. But a while back when I asked him if he liked me (over txt) he said he didn't like anyone. And I've complimented him quite a bit but he never compliments me.. I really like this guy.. We haven't talked for a couple days and I haven't txted him but I really need so guidance 💔 please help.
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