13. He Starts Flirting with Someone else

You thought things were going great and you thought your dating relationship would go to the next step. However, you noticed that he has started to flirt with one of your friends and now you're just confused. Is he trying to make you jealous or is he moving on?

It's hard when a guy is sending mixed signals, but that doesn't mean you should stop trying to hook him! Do you know of any guys sending mixed signals right now? What do you do?


ok it's this guy i like i think he likes me to but not sure he's at my house EVERYDAY he play's with me he took me out of town with him and show me that he likes me to, but i have this one problem. he...
✨This is brilliant,👌 I wish I had read this earlier. 😔
Okay soo I really need help okay there's this guy his name is Steven and he's been sending me weird signals and will I'll tell okay he stared to flirt with like all the signs tht he likes me and one o...
Please help me! :(
Hi, heather I read the article and the guy that I'm interested in (we hung out for the first time this past weekend) definitely flirted with me in private earlier this week through text and he didn't ...
There is this shy guy at work who has a crush on me and he\'s always clumsy around me. So I decided to give him a call after I took his number from the work schedule sheet. Luckily he answered and we ...
Denise Cristobal
@Nelly2345 Some people are just really flaky when it comes to chatting or texting. Try asking him to hang out in person and see how that goes. :)
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