7 Ways to Tell if He is Lying ...


Did you know that there are tons of ways to tell if he is lying? Whether it is about how he misplaced the remote or something serious, if you want to know if your boyfriend is lying, you've got to read my top 7 ways to tell if he is lying below! So girls, you ready to be able to tell if your boyfriend is lying? Read below, I'm going to go over my ways to tell if he is lying that will instantly make you an expert!

1. Shifty Eyes

Is your man constantly shifting his vision from one side to the next? That is absolutely one of the ways to tell if he is lying. After all, don't you have a bit of shifty eyes when you are lying? I know that I do!

Too Much Eye Contact


Heather Jensen
Hi Soni! I think that you need to dump him if you really think that he is using you. Seriously. :)
i want to leave him , v had a relationship for 4 years and i knw he is using m financially n physically , i told him juz lemme go i will help u financially but still he alwyz comes behind m , plz sugg...
Heather Jensen
Hi Sarah! Why do you think that he is lying? Do you have trust issues with him?
Sarah Morris
Ok so how do I know if he's lying when it's over text? He tells me one thing but I think that it's just a thing he's saying he's doing something so he doesn't have to do anything with me. Please help! :)
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