7 Ways to Tell if He is Lying ...


Did you know that there are tons of ways to tell if he is lying?

Whether it is about how he misplaced the remote or something serious, if you want to know if your boyfriend is lying, you've got to read my top 7 ways to tell if he is lying below!

So girls, you ready to be able to tell if your boyfriend is lying?

Read below, I'm going to go over my ways to tell if he is lying that will instantly make you an expert!

1. Shifty Eyes

Is your man constantly shifting his vision from one side to the next?2

That is absolutely one of the ways to tell if he is lying.

After all, don't you have a bit of shifty eyes when you are lying?

I know that I do!

2. Too Much Eye Contact

Let's say your eye isn't the shifty eyes type of guy, another way to tell if he is lying is that he won't look away from your eyes, at all.

In fact, he has so much eye contact that it's almost uncomfortable.

The reasoning behind this is because a lot of people believe that if they can look you in the eye, it won't give you away if you are lying.

Don't believe it ladies!

3. Hands in Pockets

If your guys hands won't leave his pockets for the life of him and he's telling you a story that seems a little weird, that's certainly one of the ways to tell if he is lying.2

After all, don't most people gesture with their hands?

I know that I do, especially when I'm telling the truth!

4. Fishy Stories

Remember when I mentioned the fishy stories?2

Well, that's definitely one of the ways to tell if he is lying.

Does the story seem completely out of character for him?

Does it sound completely off the wall?

It's probably because it's false and not true at all!

Shrugging at Odd Times
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