7 Ways to Tell if He's a Mama's Boy ...


Mama's Boy's are so hard to spot aren't they? You could think that a guy is just being attentive to his mom, but truthfully, he's a mama's boy and you might not even know it! Well ladies, if you're looking for Mr. Right and are finding a bunch of Mr. Wrongs who favor their mother over you, I've got the top 7 ways you can tell if he's a mama's boy!

1. He Talks to Her Every Day

Now, I am not saying that a guy that talks to his mother every single day is horrible.

In fact, for me, it's endearing, as I am close to my parents, however, it's when the phone calls of hers eclipse yours.

If you've haven't been with your guy long enough to really see if he is a mama's boy,

He Refers to Her for Major Decisions
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