8 Ways to Tell if You Are Bi-Sexual ...


Figuring out ways to tell if you are bi-sexual is never easy.

It's a confusing, hard and difficult thing to even think about.

When I came out as bi-sexual, it was hard on a lot of people, but in the end, it turned out fantastic.

If you have a feeling that you might be bi-sexual, there are ways to tell if you are bi-sexual.

Below, I'm going to go over some of those ways to tell if you are bi-sexual!

1. Gut Feeling

Girls, it all starts with a gut feelings.

Sometimes, one of the biggest ways to tell if you are bi-sexual is to really go with your feelings.

Your feelings are often right on and truthfully, they reveal so much about you.

If you have a gut feeling that you might be able to be attracted to the same sex as well as the opposite sex, you could be bi-sexual.

The Attraction is Deep


hi i am bio i think but idk this is a first time thing i like guys and when the new girl walk in the to class i liked her am i bio
i'm bisexual and i've been starting to really come to terms with it and just being a lot more happy with it than I was when I first realized it. i've told quite a few of my friends and they all have been so supportive so that makes me feel even better. not sure when I'll come out to my family bc a lot of them are very religious and conservative, but for now i'm happy with where I'm at :)
I'm only 14 and I've never dated anyone but I think that I could be bi because I have had crushed on boys and recently crushes on girls too and I know that if they were bi then I would definitely try dating them. But I can't tell if I am or not.
I am in a relationship with a lesbian who is 10 years younger than me. But, i am attracted to guys too. And i think i am a bi already. Any suggestions?
I think this girl I work with might be bi and I think I'm starting to be bi too. I seriously start blushing every time she talks to me it's so embarrassing. Idk what to do. :(
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