8 Ways to Tell if You Are Bi-Sexual ...


Figuring out ways to tell if you are bi-sexual is never easy. It's a confusing, hard and difficult thing to even think about. When I came out as bi-sexual, it was hard on a lot of people, but in the end, it turned out fantastic. If you have a feeling that you might be bi-sexual, there are ways to tell if you are bi-sexual. Below, I'm going to go over some of those ways to tell if you are bi-sexual!

1. Gut Feeling

Girls, it all starts with a gut feelings. Sometimes, one of the biggest ways to tell if you are bi-sexual is to really go with your feelings. Your feelings are often right on and truthfully, they reveal so much about you. If you have a gut feeling that you might be able to be attracted to the same sex as well as the opposite sex, you could be bi-sexual.

The Attraction is Deep


@Sally, girl crushes aren't sexual they are an admiration. normal.
@Sagal, your straight not bisexual girls think its cool to be bi.
I was just talking with my friends about crushes and the I just said that I had girl-crushes too. They took it really fine
I think I'm bi but like 4/8 I related to them!! The thing is my family's so religious, in Islam you can't even think about the same gender😅 And I have a huge crush on this girl and I can tell ...
@Princess Blue so you made out with a girl then found out you wanted a bf?
@Sheila I agree with you :) also your really pretty.
Clarissa Gonzalez
Thank you<3
Heather Jensen
Hey Sam! Not at all! You could just be attracted to that type of porn. It doesn't necessarily mean that you are bi.
I've never been attracted to females in reality but I admit that I get turned on by lesbian porn. Does that make me bi-sexual?
Heather Jensen
That's awesome! I'm glad that you two are together! ;)
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