7 Ways to Treat a Sensitive Guy ...


There is something to be said about dating a sensitive guy compared to a macho man.

How we come off to a sensitive guy is completely different.

Things we typically say that we wouldn't even second guess, could make him go crazy.

Games we usually play with boys don't work on them.

Most normal behaviors we are used to when it comes to men go out the window when dealing with a sensitive guy.

Today I'm going to share with you 7 ways to treat a sensitive guy.

1. Make Him Feel Secure

This is the first and most important thing to know on how to treat a sensitive guy.

They can be some of the most insecure guys you are going to meet and it will either be an endearing quality or a soon to be major turn off.

Either way, don't be afraid to turn all your rules off when it comes to letting a guy know how you feel.

I'm not saying to over bear him, but he does need to know you are interested more then unusual.

Can't Play Too Hard to Get


Carl Badgley
Its rare that I find relationship/dating advice that is so completely spot on. I would add only one thing, while insecurity is certainly an issue, often the refusal of games is simply that, a refusal to play games. They just dont make sense to most sensitive guys. We are happiest when pleasing you, but you have to be straight when asking. And keep in mind that a partial cause of insecurity is having grown up in a culture that does not value men who are sensitive.
Wow! This was spot on! I'm a sensitive guy and every single one of these points are accurate with me, I couldn't believe it! Well done!
Heather Jensen
Oh no! I think that you need to talk to him about your feelings. Honestly, it's hard to express things to a sensitive guy, but you need to be able to.
My guy is a way too sensitive, a month back we had a fight and now he says his feelings have changed .. and he doesn't loves the way he used to love me and he often gets mad at me Tell me please What should I do ?
@mimi, reading your post made me think, maybe there're two kinds of sensitive: "sympathetic and sensitive" and "self-absorbed and sensitive". It's possible he understands in the head that the other person is not to blame for something--it's not really your fault-- still emotionally he can't accept that he was"rejected". This is immaturity, and it comes from insecurity, I guess. It then becomes a matter of how much you're willing to tolerate this. If he's a sympathetic person deep down, though he's not mature enough now to emotionally accept that you were just plain busy, if he can at some point accept his immaturity, there's a possibility things could get better as you get closer and him more secure. On the other hand if he keeps blaming you and keeps saying things like "IDK you tell me", that sounds really irresponsible and it's a bad sign. I think you should find a time to tell him this and see how he reacts. If he happens to be the kind of person who has to blame someone for things that don't go well, always complaining or making excuses, if he's really like this, it's my opinion that these people never change. I would say you should be careful about being too attached to such person you might be just wasting your time. The key is whether the person can get away from self-pitying, if he's capable of empathizing with the other person, in this case that you had to do your studies. And that, if he had been more mature he would have been in a position to morally support *you*. Just my thoughts, I don't know him, of course, so I may be way off. As an older guy who was quite immature when younger, I may be being overly harsh to young guys. Just make sure to keep both your heart and mind open (not either), and you decide. Good luck!
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