5. Stay Connected in Bed

When being intimate with a sensitive man it is important to really stay connected with him. Whether it's just placing your hand on his chest or touching his leg, after you fool around make him feel good by touching him. They want to feel reassured you are okay and that you enjoyed what just went down. Most men are going to be clear if they want to stay and cuddle or if they are ready to end the night. Read what kind of signs your guy is giving you and take charge in what you want. Try not to get too awkward and quiet after, for some people with a fear of intimacy this can be difficult, but having a sensitive guy in your bed can help you work through that fear. Connection is an important way to treat a sensitive guy, so give your man that attention in bed that will satisfy you both.

Keep It Simple


I went out with a guy who said he was sensitive for 1 1/2 years and he never made any moves on me, was just happy to date me and wanted to continue dating me! When I finally fought with him over the s...
@Remy well, you can ask him what can you do to work on it because it is not only affecting him but, you as well!
I really needed to read this! I can get with this program! Guys want an easier woman. I like the shift in values!
Jeffrey Henderson II
I am extremely surprised at how accurate this is, it's almost scary. Thank you Kiley Coleman. You put into words what I've been trying to express for years.
Carl Badgley
Its rare that I find relationship/dating advice that is so completely spot on. I would add only one thing, while insecurity is certainly an issue, often the refusal of games is simply that, a refusal ...
Wow! This was spot on! I'm a sensitive guy and every single one of these points are accurate with me, I couldn't believe it! Well done!
Heather Jensen
Oh no! I think that you need to talk to him about your feelings. Honestly, it's hard to express things to a sensitive guy, but you need to be able to.
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