7 Wedding Planning Tips ...


Wedding Planning Tips are helpful whether you're planning the wedding yourself or using a planning. First, though, congratulations! You're engaged! Once you get over the shock (and quit ogling that rock!) it's time to get down to the serious-and fun-part, which is the wedding planning! But before you dive right in, you're going to need some wedding planning tips. So that's why I'm here! After surviving many of my friends' weddings and vow renewal ceremonies, plus my own wedding, I have plenty of great wedding planning tips to offer! Many of these are simple, but easy tips that an overly excited or stressed out bride might not think of in the flurry to prepare for her big day. With this list to keep you on track and give you practical, helpful advice for your big day, you'll be well on your way to a successful wedding with lots of sweet memories to cherish! Here are 7 wedding planning tips you need to know before your big day arrives.

1. Make a Budget

Amidst the excitement and flurry of getting together all the details of a wedding, many brides forget to set a budget and end up spending way more than they ever wanted to! You can avoid that easily. You'd be surprised at how much money can be saved just by setting a budget and keeping an eye on where your money is going. The first thing you should do after choosing the date is to map out a budget. That's an important wedding planning tip!

Get Things Done in Advance
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