25 Awkward Questions Guys Ask Girls ...


Oh the Awkward Questions Guys Ask Girls!

This is the question we received from one of our readers:

I'm going on my friends formspring putting anonymous and writing really random and awkward questions to her.2


what are some good ones?

Frankly speaking, I had so much to share with you on this subject, I could not keep it to myself, boys and girls.

I'm never quite sure whether to tear my hair out, punch the guy or just politely brush it away when I hear some of these.

I'm sure you've all run into at least one guy who doesn't hesitate to ask awkward questions to a girl.

Maybe we should hold up a sign saying "Hey that's an awkward question".

Do you think that would shut them up?

Probably not.

Here's a list of some of the most awkward questions to ask a girl.2

Boys, pay attention and despite your first instinct, do not ask the girls you actually like these questions!

1. Is Your Sister/friend Single? - Awkward Especially when You're the One Eyeing Him

Am I Your Type?
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