How to Decipher 🔍 Cliché Break up 💔 Lines ...


There are certain breakup lines that we all rely on. Even if we don't mean what we're saying, we'll say it anyway, because we want to soften the blow. After all, it's not our intention to break our ex's heart. We just want him out of our life without causing him too much pain. However, if we're being honest, here's what common breakup lines really mean:

1. It’s Not You, It’s Me

It’s Not You, It’s Me

Of course it's not you. You're a gorgeous, fun, intelligent girl--but if you said that, it would make him even more upset about losing you. That's why you'll pretend that you're the one who needs to work on herself. You don't want to be mean by mentioning that the real reason behind the breakup is his personality, sense of humor, looks, smell, and basically everything about him.

We’re Just Too Different


Oline Marie
Definitely guilty of using most of the last ones haha. "I'm not looking for a serious relationship" +with you 😂👌🏼
Lol this is so savage
@Dani Dani every time ! He won't let me move on when he breaks up with me every time
What if the guy is good and a girl just wanted someone else for a vain reason like they heard they were good at doing "it" and such. Just saying.. the article is kinda off, it's just saying to go leave a guy easily and their feelings don't matter.
peony blue
Haha i tried that one what a cop out !
Jennifer Trombetta
I would have to agree that some if not all of these are not accurate. Of course, they may ring true with some people , some situations, but definitely not in every case. Entertaining to read though:)
My husband and I are very opposite and we work just fine! :)
You don't have to have the same personalities but you have to have the same views or else it won't work. And, this entire article is sexist. It's unfair to say that girls are amazing, but if a boy bre...
In #2 the cliche about opposites attracting is stupid and doesn't really work in relationships, at least not ones that are gonna last
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