What Does 🤔 Your Cuddling Position 🛌 Say about Your Relationship 💏??

Is there anything more relaxing than cuddling with your boyfriend after a long, hard day?

It's an intimate experience that can help the two of you feel closer, even though you'll be asleep during it.

Whether you're plopping into bed for a quick cuddle or are getting ready to sleep through the entire night, here's what your cuddling position says about your relationship with your boyfriend:

1. Resting Your Head on His Chest

Resting with your head against his chest, so you can hear his heartbeat while you sleep, is one of the most romantic cuddling positions that exists.

If you cuddle like this, it means that your boyfriend is trying to nurture you and make you feel safe.

He'd do whatever he possibly could to protect you from the dangers of the world.

Hugging Him