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Now that America has officially made same-sex marriage legal, it's time to talk about sexuality.

We all know that love is love, no matter which genders are involved, but how much do you really know about your own sexuality?

If you don't know much, don't stress, because here are a few things that you'll know from here on out:

1. You Don't Need to Know What You Are

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Don't stress yourself out over trying to figure out if you're a lesbian, bisexual, or if you fit into any other sexual category.

It doesn't actually matter if you know what to call yourself.

You're going to develop crushes on certain people and be disgusted by other people.

Stop trying to put yourself into a specific category, and just learn to be comfortable liking whomever you end up liking.

Bisexuality is More Common than You Think


You could use just trans or trans woman/man
Hey, just a tip - don't use the word "transgendered". The past tense makes it seem like it's something in the past when it really part of your identity all the time.
What about Scotland, we were one of the first Countries to legal is same sex marriage
That was very helpful :)
You simply cannot help who you like. Gay and lesbians as bisexuals should embrace who they are. People make too much of a deal out of it and make it something.. It should be classed as normal now, like being straight is normal.
peony blue
So in some twenty countries in the world...hmmm. In Uganda people get killed for being gay so as far as people are of the fact that lots of countries in the world haven't embraced it and maybe never will.
Kasey Pinson
Nvm πŸ˜‹
Kasey Pinson
I thought i saw something on the news that it is now legal
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