What It's like to Sleep 🛌 with Someone Who Has a Large 👐🏼 Penis 🍆 ...


So, the stereotype is that everyone who likes dick wants to sleep with someone with a big penis, yes? You hear it all the time. The belief is that if you're into guys, whether you're a guy or a girl yourself, you want someone with a very large unit. The idea, of course, is that it's impossible to be sexually satisfied with a small penis, and large disco sticks provide you with far more pleasure. Before I came out, I had the … ahem, the opportunity to have sex with a dude who had a huge unit. It was 'YUUUUGE, in fact. So, even though I am now a very happily married lesbian, let me shine some light on the subject. Here's what it's like when you meet a guy who's got a big ol' eggplant.

1. You Need to Find the Right Sexual Position

You Need to Find the Right Sexual Position

This is terribly important. Eventually, once your body is really ready (and used to all that length and/or girth), you may well be able to tackle any position imaginable, but the first time, keep it slow and steady. Err on the side of caution, even if it means missionary.

You've GOT to Relax


Peaceofsoul that's not true, the inside of the vagina has a lot of nerve endings and the gspot especially.
Most of you will not agree but as far as my medical knowledge goes,penis size has nothing go do with sex and pleasure etc. Vagina is only sensitive in outer some part (anatomical description) and rest...
First (not farm...opps) time we slept together-we had sex 5 times and I only orgasmed with oral sex!! It actually hurt at first!
Trust me when I say...GREAT ADVICE! Yes, in general but definitely IN PARTICULAR if your man has a giant member! I was uncomfortable for 2 days after the farm
What 😂.. 1/2 of the "advice" is about sex in general i would say 😂.. No matter of the size
I think it's different
Ha! Idk about all that
Chelsea Lynn
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