4. Donโ€™t Jump to Conclusions

Just because you arenโ€™t getting through to him doesnโ€™t mean he is out doing wrong. If youโ€™ve not known him to cheat in the past then give him the benefit of the doubt for now, but keep your eyes open for more questionable behavior or lies.

Give Him an out


Do not overthink. Give him his time.
Currently went thru this over the weekend. The best thing to do is not over think. And don't assume the worst. Bc that's exactly what I did and come to find out. His phone broke andddd his new work schedule was hectic. Had nothing to do with me.
Mariela Calderon
It sucks
Even the good men ignore their wives/girlfriends. Not like in a harmful way, it's just they're not good at expressing emotions and they shut us out when they're feeling feelings. That's how it is for ...
I cry to my friends & I over think. ALWAYS
@kubi lol
peony blue
@Brimom well I just @ritchie v since he made clear that he is a man but no joy so maybe men don't have a clue either...
Would definitely like some input as to what I should do.... leave him alone, call him... Just want a simple answer to his vanishing so that I can get in with my life and stop blaming my self.
Just had a man ghost me. I'm heartbroken. In past disagreements ... we always would discuss our feelings. Why can't he say to me what he is feeling. I would rather know than to keep blaming myself as ...
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