5. Give Him an out

Unfortunately, your man may be ignoring you because he just isn’t interested anymore and he is avoiding hurting your feelings.

I know it sucks, but if someone doesn’t want to be with you then staying together isn’t the right thing.

If he won’t say it, maybe it’s time you say it.

Make Other Plans


Just had a man ghost me. I'm heartbroken. In past disagreements ... we always would discuss our feelings. Why can't he say to me what he is feeling. I would rather know than to keep blaming myself as I am right now:( Tried to message him and though he will open everyone, he will not reply. Don't know what to do almost a month of no communication is killing me. Just want a reason....
But hey shoutout to the good guys who get lost in the crowd of suckiness! We love you and will find you and marry you
Ritchie wants us to bash men??? Huh? Lol I hate getting ignored sooooooo much. Most men are such jerks and put very little into the relationship when women try so hard. #dontsay #notallmen #omgno
peony blue
@ritchie v well since you are all men why don't you give these ladies some reasons why guys ignore their girlfriends or your point becomes rather pointless if you are trying to make a point.
Ritchie V
Im a man, start bashin rather than growing and trying to understand why we are like that.
Or just kick him out.
Sometimes his ignorance is weakness and this is considered misbehavior
I'm going through the same thing right now. Some of the suggestions work, but sometimes my man just won't budge
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