5. You're Not Worried about Attracting Anyone else

You're Not Worried about Attracting Anyone else

This is true, too. I am absolutely not saying that this means you let yourself go in any way, and not every woman worries about weight when they're single and looking for a new relationship. When you're with someone you care about, however, you stop worrying about looking so perfect all the time. You let go a little, you relax, and that's fabulous.

Your Partner Loves Your Body


Love this it's so true me and my bf sat on the sofa with couple of beers and crisp loool
Awww that's so true 😭
Julie G
Love this !!!
Awwee that was a cute kiss 😳 and he I totally agree I gained weight then I lost it xD when we broke up then I gained it again just a cycle that never ends.
Denise Rodriguez
love this!!!
Yup! Very true...the other night we were watching a movie at home and we each ate a bag of chips! Mine were sweet potato chips....but still, it can get bad! He still loves even when I gain/lose the 5-10 lbs on and off
peony blue
So so true
I felt so identified with almost all of this.
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