7. Just Because He's on Your Radar, You Don't Have to Date Him

You already know this guy through your friend, so he's on your radar. It may seem easy to date someone that you've already met, rather than look for someone new to date.

But although you may think that you know him, you probably don't know him as well as you think. You don't need to take an opportunity just because it's there โ€ฆ

Even if your friend says she's cool with you dating her ex, she may not be. Why risk a friendship over a guy? So it really is best to find yourself another partner โ€ฆ


my best friend is dating my ex... and we didn't even break up that long ago. like.. she says she loves him. i don't even know what to do or think.
The Queen of Bitches
@nour Hammond I mean which one of u ended the relationship.
The Queen of Bitches
Then she is not a caring sister at all. And ur ex is weird becuz he started dating her I think he is probably doing this to hurt u or make u regret it or maybe he just likes ur sister. Depends on what...
Nour Hammoud
What if your sister started dating your ex?
More people needs to understand that
Idk ๐Ÿ˜•
I just broke up with my bestfriend for doing this to me. This article couldn't be any better!
The Queen of Bitches
What if ur friends ex is also ur friend and u can see that she hurt him by leaving him for no reason. Would it be okay to take his side and comfort him? Like not date him or something just like talkin...
Yes and no to that. Depends on how long ago they went out. If after a month or two no way but if years have passed and your friend has moved on she or he shouldn't be upset and it's not disrespectful ...
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