Why You Should Try to Remain Friends ๐Ÿคwith Your Ex โ˜ฎ ...


Let me start off by saying that I am not endorsing anyone to stay friends with every ex, nor am I encouraging anyone to remain friends with a dangerous, abusive, violent, or otherwise horrifying ex.

You simply can't remain friends with every ex you'll ever have, generally speaking.

I think we've all had at least one relationship where we've genuinely wanted to remain friends after breaking up, though.

If your ex is a good person, if your breakup was amicable or at least calm, and if you're doing it for the right reasons, however, then there are plenty of valid reasons to remain friends with your ex.

1. You Played Important Roles in Each Other's Lives

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Short-term, long-term, it doesn't matter โ€“ some people simply affect your life more deeply than others.

2. Your Ex May Genuinely Be a Good Person

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Breaking up with someone doesn't automatically make the other person horrible.

3. If You Were Friends First, You Don't Want to Lose Your Friendship

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This is one of the best reasons to remain friends, providing that your relationship didn't kill the foundation of your friendship.

4. Falling out of Love Doesn't Always Mean Falling out of like

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You can like someone very much, even if you aren't in love with them any longer.

5. You Might Simply Feel like You Make Better Friends

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This happens more often than you might think.

6. Your Romantic Relationship Could Have Faded into Friendship

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In fact, if you simply grew apart romantically, then you might even recognize that you're better off as friends.

7. If You Have Children Together, Being Friends Has Many Benefits

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This goes without saying โ€“ it's an ideal situation and it's not possible for everyone, but when it is possible, it's so much better for everyone involved.

8. Ditto if You Have Pets Together

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