13 Wild and Crazy Things Women do when They Are in Love ...


There are tons of things women do when in love with their man. While a lot of women do not exactly change when they are in love, there are things women do when in love that they might not do if their man wasn't in their life. Below, we're going to talk about 13 wild and crazy things women do when in love so you can really tell if you are one of the lucky in love chicks!

1. Sports May Become Her New Hobby

Sports May Become Her New Hobby

Is your guy really into sports? One of the things women do when in love is mimic their man a little, by being into sports too. Whether it is playing sports or watching them, when a girl is in love, typically she will drop her disgust for sports and pick up a bat – or learn how to keep score in football!

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Alyssa Lorraine May
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Heather Jensen
That's awesome Alysha!! :)
Alysha yo
lol i just well when i love some guy i search all the signs he loves me sites and the last guy i liked i dated so haha i am a master of cupid gals!
Heather Jensen
That's awesome C.Coleman!!
i have definitly experimented sexualy with my boyfriend for the first time ever in my life and i would have never done that with anyone else if my life depended on it
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