7. Time Together, Time Apart

If you want to build a healthy relationship, then it´s essential to spend time apart doing different things.

It´s really not helpful if you spend all your time together, as this can become too claustrophobic, and also be an indication of dependence.

Make sure that you spend enough time together, but also each have your own interests.2

All these ways to build a healthy relationship take time, effort and commitment to the other person.

It doesn´t just happen by magic, and it´s an ongoing process.

If you´ve chosen a good partner, though, then there is every potential for a good relationship with them.

What do you consider is essential for a healthy relationship?

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Hey Anon! I definitely think that you are doing the right thing! It should be on your terms, not his and in person is so much better! :)
@Heather, hey, again, that's what I kinda I thought but now I think it's a definite no-no. Basically he has been chatting crap to his friends that he done some stuff with me which ain't true. Also, he messaged one of my friends asking her if she wants to have sex with him and she was just like "NO and I thought you liked Jade " to which he replied that he doesn't and that he just wants to have sex with me. Obviously she forwarded it to me and I found it funny and immature and just left him be kinda thing and he wasn't in school for days again and today he came in and told my friend that he was high and drunk ( even though he said he wasn't during the chat ) and that he likes me and that I have to get facebook cause he is such a pussy to talk face-to-face and then my friend reminded him that he has my number and he said that he'd call me. AFter that, he saw mw and told me that he called me and I told him to speak to me there and then and he said no and ran off. He hasn't called me and if he does I won't pick up cause I made it clear that I want to talk in person and he can't keep getting his own way. Do you think I'm doing the right thing? THanks, Jade.
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