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When you choose to have sex is your decision, and your decision only. If you're sexually active, it doesn't make you a bad person, just like being a virgin doesn't make you a "loser." As long as you're doing what makes you feel comfortable and happy, then you should be proud of your decisions. It doesn't matter if you've been having sex for years or if you're new to the whole experience, because you could learn something from these wise words for women in their 20s:

1. There Are Different Types of Birth Control Pills

You already know about the importance of using condoms and asking your partner to get tested for STDs. However, you should also be aware of the fact that different birth control pills work better for different women. Before you go on the pill, do some research and have in depth talks with your gynecologist to figure out which option is best for your body.

Nothing is Wrong with Your Body


You don't need to be committed to someone for a lifetime to have sex with someone. How would you know if your sexually compatible if you were never intimate? (he likes soft sex while you like rough se...
Agree JP
Nice article. :)
Many people do not share the same world view . . . Women and men should view sex as secondary to self respect in addition to many other qualities that make an intimate relationship successful. In the...
Yes I agree. Good topic. Let's about sex.
It's a good post , women should take sex just as important as self -respect . They go hand in hand .
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