9 Ways to Tell You're Too Comfortable in Your Relationship ...


Being comfortable in your relationship is something that is so, so good – but how can you tell when you are too comfortable in your relationship?

How can you tell when the manners have gone out the window and when your partner knows that you aren't going anywhere – no matter what?

I've got the top ways to tell that you and him or her are too comfortable in your relationship and you may need to spice things up a little bit!

1. You Miss the Quiet Time to Yourself

Being too comfortable in your relationship is not necessarily a bad thing, but do you find yourself missing the quiet time to yourself?

This is something that can actually cause a lot of resentment in a relationship.

If you need some alone time, tell your partner.

I am sure that they won't mind if you take off for a few hours, as long as they know where you are going.

You Both Go to the Bathroom with the Door Open


Julie Purse
Yes alone time is a must as we are not joint at the hip, but as having the door open it depends on what your doing in the bath room doesn't it.
After 10 years of marriage, can you possibly avoid becoming too comfortable in your relationship..?? It\'s inevitable in any long term relationship I say..
Hahahahaha it\'s all true that these are signs of being way too comfortable !!! Some me time is good too. So keep some of that ladies 😉
Love being to comfortable just for certain n# privacy is good.
Neecey Beresford
@Angie Vallejo, I think you've got the intention wrong here. Heather isn't saying it's wrong but that maybe being too comfortable is a good signal to inject a refresher into a solid, stable relationship. Heather has been with her partner for 7 years and I know that she is not aiming this at people who just want to sleep around.
What was the point of this article?! Isn't being with a person and becoming one with them the ultimate goal in marriage?! Intimacy comes from being able to be yourself FULLY with the other person ---- I agree with always presenting yourself perfumed, made up, pretty to your spouse. Vice Versa -- but being completely your self--- knowing their faces and not being able to sleep without them is bit a bad thing--- if it is--- this article. Is clearly directed at people who just want to sleep around. --- no REAL relationship
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