25 Worst Chat-up Lines ...


How many times have you been enjoying a quiet night out with your friends, when you’re hit with some of the worst chat-up lines imaginable?

And why do men still insist on saying them?!

Surely, they can’t actually work!

They can be funny though – here are some of the lamest and worst chat-up lines I’ve ever heard.

1. Do You Believe...

One of the classic, and one of the worst chat-up lines.

"Do you believe in love at first sight?

Or should I walk past again?"

Ladder or Stairway


Susan elfman
If someone did the library card one for me I would say, "A book doesn't need a library card to get checked out" and then ignore the person who said it (depending on who said it)
This guy came up to me a while ago saying '' are you medusa ? Because you got me rock hard '' Guess what... It did not work
Tessa Taykay Kim
@Alison Turner enough to break the ice;) haha
Brandi Weiss
The mr right ones actually kinda cute
Heather Jensen
Ha! Too funny!!
Heather Jensen
Aww! Thank you for reading!
Heather Jensen
Ha! These are so funny! :)
The most recent one I've received: Guy: Excuse me miss, can I interview you? Me: What's it about? Guy: Um...life. I know it's not exactly a pick up line but I knew where he was getting at
I love the Star Trek one! I wish some one would say that to me! But let me tell you a disgusting yet HILARIOUS pic up line this older man suggested to my friends brothers friend (who was male... and in a bar that was not a gay bar.) "Hey, would you want to come over to my house and play billiard? I could be the ball, and you the sock." When my friend told me this my eyes went wide and all I could say was "Brilliant!" (ouh, and the best one would probably be, if a man came to me and said "I'm the Doctor" for those dr. who fans, this would be a dream come true.)
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