7 Worst Foods to Eat on a First Date ...


If you’ve got a hot date tonight, you’ll have no doubt thought about what you’re wearing and how you’ll dazzle your date, but perhaps not about the worst foods to eat on a first date.

But choosing the wrong food can be absolutely disastrous.

In the best-case scenario, you’ll look ungraceful.2

In the worst, you’ll end up covered in sauce or smelling funny, so try to avoid these worst foods to eat on a first date wherever possible.2

1. Spaghetti

Spaghetti has to be, without a doubt, one of the absolute worst foods to eat on a first date.

Unless you’re a spaghetti-eating master, expect to look inept at using cutlery and uncivilized (we all do when trying to eat spaghetti!).

If you twirl it on your spoon, you’ll get sauce all over your face and the outfit you spent so long putting together.

If you cut it up, you’ll look like a child.2

Whatever you do with spaghetti, you can’t win, so it’s best avoided.

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