7 Worst Foods to Eat on a First Date ...


Knowing what the worst foods to eat on a first date are is so important!

Choosing the wrong foods can lead to pretty awkward situations.

Save yourself from potential embarrassment, and read these tips about the worst foods to eat on a first date.

Better to be safe than sorry- especially on a first date.2

Score that second date by staying clear of the worst foods to eat on a first date!

1. Avoid Garlic!

Avoid Garlic!

Although this spice is very tasty, it is one of the worst foods to eat on a first date.


It’s a breath killer!

You don’t want to have bad breath on your very first date.

Not only is it bad for conversation, but what if he leans in for a goodnight kiss?2

Save him the stench and awkwardness, and avoid garlic on a first date.

Carbonated Drinks


Chicken with salad or a starch is filling, affordable and not very messy. Salads are tough since I find them messy and hard to eat "gracefully" lol Maybe I'm just a messy eater though 😊
I like any grilled chicken, rice with a lil salad. ☺
Chicken fingers is always a great idea
Fish is a good option. Simple and filling!
Right, how about what to eat?
How about what to eat cuz not many options r left :S
Becca Ware
You completely contradicted yourself when talking about "don't feel bad ordering a large main course" then you said your shy about ordering a large meal? Lol
Serena Sholty
Baby back ribs haha
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