7. You Have a Fear of Commitment

Having a fear of commitment and being in a relationship sounds like a recipe for disaster but thatโ€™s not always so!

Lots of people have a fear of commitment and itโ€™s not necessarily a negative thing.

Relationships bring up all sorts of feelings which can be downright scary so a flood of feelings paired with a fear of commitment might have you wanting to make a run for it.

But when you meet that someone special who makes your heart skip a beat, donโ€™t let go because youโ€™re scared.

Talk about it with her and let her know how you feel so you can work through it together.

Do any of these situations sound similar to what youโ€™re going through?

Can you think of other bad reasons to break up with someone?

Weโ€™d love to hear your comments or suggestions on breaking up.

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