4. I Touch Myself by Divinyls

This just seems a little inappropriate, doesn't it, really?

(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction by the Rolling Stones


So "every breath you take" isn't about a stalker. It was written for his daughter because he was out touring and didn't get to see her much. So it's saying he'll always be there watching over his little girl. Just a little fun fact.
nehoy nehoy
The rapper prodigy?
@douxriens HAHA
Jean-Simon Lavoie
Such great hight by Postal Service is Great
Heather Jensen
Yes! Very true!
Great choice, I'd add 'Don't you Forget About Me' by The Breakfast Club
Gabriella Sophia
Nine Inch Nails songs would be great, regardless of their meanings!
Lmao 😅
Paloma Correal
Hahahahaha! I couldnt stop laughing while reading this article! INDEED! I love Jazz and Blues. Feeling Love by Paula Cole is my FAVORITE! ;)
Ha ha! Love it!
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