5. Money Lovers

This couple is only together because one of them has money.

Whenever they get into a fight, they're able to rekindle their 'love' after buying expensive gifts to keep the other person around.

There's no genuine affection in the relationship, but money is all that matters, right?2

Overly Lazy


I agree with this article I have seen examples of all of these and almost all of them have ended badly
And ur a basic bitch. Nothing different about you. Your just like all the other dick silly women desperate for love. Most of these relationships not even about the man its about the approval. You feel you aint shit of a guy isnt cosigning it. Which makes you basic.
The people who say this article is crap becuase they mad tgeir relationship falls into one or more of tue categories listed. The article is true even if the relationship lasts til death you still were miserable the whole time. Putting up with an unhealthy relationship doesnt make you mad in love it just means your in love with not being alone.
believe it or not, this article is very true. makes the relationship go dull after a whole.
Dnt think number 2 is that bad
And how would you know SO MUCH about each type of relationship? Were you there every minute of someone's "lazy" relationship? Ignorance. Really.
This is all crap lol don't believe a word this author is saying. So apparently if you're madly in love with your bf/gf and always want to be with them, you're relationship is going to end? I'm literally laughing! And there's no problem with texting one another. If you're dating someone, you're dating them because you're in love with them. So what if they kiss everywhere and hold hands everywhere? Sounds to me like this author is having some relationship troubles herself.
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