11. Spend Every Spare Moment Cuddling

Spend Every Spare Moment Cuddling

Thank you Lauren for a lovely insight to your world and we hope the pictures will provide you some fabulous memories of Gizelle for many years.

RIP Gizelle. God bless.

p.s. you can read the full story here: yahoo.com.


I actually super love this. 💙
Simply Me
I remember my pet Sassy
Neecey Beresford
@Marion, Well given that the poor doggie was dying of cancer, I don't think it would have mattered.
Eating ice cream is dangerous, sugar is poison for dog
Beautiful x
Made me weep! Dogs are so special!
I love this article ..nice to hear about good stuff going on in the world rather than just the negative. .I love animals so much too!!! Def like them more than people! !"haha
This is amazing . I love to see great love and compassion for your pets like this . They are our family and not only our pets but our best friends . RIP Gizelle
Very very sweet
Aww this is so sad and beautiful! At least you have him a good life!
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