Wrong Time, Wrong Place – the One Who Got Away ...


Sometimes fate gets in the way of love.

It is quite heartbreaking to know or think you’ve met “the one” only to see circumstances thwart what could be.

Often there’s not much you can do when life pitches you this curve ball.

You can but hope it steps up to the plate again and you get another chance.

Otherwise, all you can do is ask “why now” and move on.

1. Two’s a Crowd

Two’s a Crowd

Perhaps you had only just broken up with somebody who you had been in relationship with for a long time, and at that point the thought of diving straight in to another romance didn’t feel like the right thing to do.

2. Sick


Maybe you were sick when you met this person.

It might have been a simple cold or perhaps something more serious like a proper virus, but you weren’t in the best shape to think about romance and you regret it now.

3. Studying


At that point in your life you were focused solely on studying and passing all of your exams with flying colors.

Even if you had wanted to get involved with a guy, you just didn’t have the time.

4. Too Drunk

Too Drunk

We’ve all been there.

You go out to a club and meet a guy you think you might really like, but after a few too many drinks your pals send you home in a cab and the chance is gone.

5. Single Parent

Single Parent

You are in a situation where you are raising a kid all by yourself, and even if you think you have met the perfect guy, the needs of your child must always come first.

6. Finance Trouble

Finance Trouble

You just weren’t in a state of financial security at that point to be able to concentrate on your love life;

there were bigger problems to tackle.

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